4 Ways to Improve your Pin on Pinterest

Why Pinterest?

  • Pinterest has over 70 million users globally.
  • The site also drives more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined. That’s a lot of traffic.

And if you want to take advantage of it, your pins have to be seen not only by users who follow you, but also by new users.

Here are the tips:

#1: Optimize Your Name, Boards and Pins for Pinterest Search

Your Business Name
Many branded companies make the mistake of using only their branded name for their Pinterest user account name. This is not ideal, as they lose out on people searching for them with other terms.
Add a descriptive keyword that you want to be associated with to the end of your business name to increase the chances of your Pinterest business account being found through a search for Pinners.
This doesn’t refer to the URL that Pinterest assigns you, but your “Business Name.” You can edit your business name by going to Settings, and then Edit Profile.

Nikki’s Event Planning optimized her business name for the words wedding planner. But she didn’t put Nikki’s Events or Nikki’s Event Planning in her business name, so her Pinterest account can’t be located when using the Pinners search function.

#2: Pin Consistently

Pinning consistently can help people discover your pins and increase the number of followers you have on Pinterest. If you find yourself short on time, aim to pin 5-10 items a day. But if you do have the time and want to aggressively grow your Pinterest presence, then pinning 20-25 items a day is the best way to go.
But don’t pin 20 pins a day for a week straight, and then nothing at all for three weeks. Pin on a daily basis when you can.

#3: Repin Your Old Pins

It’s a fact that not every one of your followers is going to see all of your pins. That’s why it’s important to repin previous pins from weeks and even months ago.
If you’re gaining new followers fast, this tactic will help them discover great content from the past that’s buried under your other pins.
This is especially helpful for offline retail businesses because repinning old pins reminds people of products they may have forgotten about. According to a study done by Vision Critical, when participants were asked how Pinterest affected their in-store purchases, 17% responded, “It reminded me that I intended to buy that item.”

#4: Participate on Pinterest Group Boards

Many successful group boards have hundreds of contributors and thousands of followers so they’re a great way of getting your pins in front of a larger targeted audience in a much shorter time.

Find, Join or Create a Group Board
Pinterest Group Boards World lists dozens of group boards for topics ranging from women’s shoes to knives. While some group boards show contact information for the founder of the board in their descriptions, other boards require an invitation from a pinning member.


To launch your own group board, create a themed board, then invite any pinners you follow who also follow you to become part of the group.