Create Facebook Friends Day 2017 Video

How to create Facebook Friends Day Video 2017

Facebook is celebrating its 13th birthday — which it calls Friends Day — and in the spirit of giving back, the company is once again creating Friends Day videos for all users. Everyone has the chance to see a personalized one-minute video highlighting their friendships and (thankfully) edit the photos before sharing it with the rest of their Facebook friends.


Through friendship, our world grows more connected, powerful things can happen, and lives and communities can be changed,” wrote Facebook in a press release. “Today, connecting is more important than ever.

To get your video, log in to Facebook and check the top of your News Feed, or click “Watch Yours” below a friend’s Friends Day video, or open the link You can also send special Friends-themed GIFs on Facebook Messenger.

Friends Day Video App
Depending on your contents and location, you will be able to create a video or otherwise, you may find this message:
“Sorry! We don’t have enough content to make a Friends Day video for you.”