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How to Create Instagram Stories

In August 2016 Instagram rolled out a new feature; Instagram Stories that enable Instagram users to create and share photos in slideshow-style.

This feature enable Instagram  users to share more photos without worrying about over posting. Despite the fact that you can share more photos and videos with Instagram Stories, they can only be visible within 24 hours and then disappear.
So, How do you share a photo or video via Instagram Stories? 
1. First of all, you tap on  at the top left of your screen or swipe left from anywhere in Feeds.

Instagram Stories


2. Then tap at the bottom of the screen to take a photo, or tap and hold to record a video.  You can as well upload a recent photo or video from the gallery of your phone and include it in your story.

Instagram Stories


3. Once you have uploaded a video or a photo, you can add some interesting texts or drawings on your story by tapping  or  respectively. When you are finished you then tap Done to save the texts or drawings on your story. In case you want to omit the texts or drawings on your story, you tap on Undo to remove the features. Hence you tap  on  to share to your story once you have included all the effects that you want.

Instagram Stories


4. Probably you don’t want to share your story once you have finished creating it. You just tap Cancel to discard the story or tap  to save it to your phone.

When you share photos/videos to your story, where do they appear?

When you have successfully posted a photo or video to your story, it will appear in the following places:

  • In your profile: A colorful ring will appear around your profile picture, and your followers can tap it to see your story. Photos and videos from your story don’t appear on your profile grid.
  • In Feed: Your profile picture will appear in a row at the top of your followers’ Feeds, and they can tap it to see your story.

To look at who has seen your story, open your story and swipe upwards on the screen. You will see the total number and names of the people who have seen each photo or video in your story.