How To Create And Share Facebook Good Adds Up Video

Facebook is no doubt the largest social network in the world, bigger than Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Others. Today, the company has officially announced that the social network has reached a noteworthy milestone of 2 billion users. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, officially made the announcement on the site recently, which was quickly followed up by a newsroom post, lightly detailing what’s next for the social network.

What is Facebook Good Adds Up?

Facebook Good Adds Up is another personalized video that will celebrate the good that you and others do. It appears that this Facebook Good Adds Up video will feature some fun facts, which you can edit. Apparently, this includes details about how you are contributing to communities and more.

How to get your Facebook Good Adds Up video

Clicking this link will enable you to create your Facebook Good Adds Up Video.

Next, after about 2 minutes you will get notification, either click the notification or go back to the page you were on. There you will see two options, Edit and Share.