Disable Instagram Account

How to Disable Instagram account temporarily

If you want to lay low for sometime from Instagram, you can temporarily deactivate or disable instagram¬†account. Disabling/deactivating your Instagram account will hide all your photos, comments and likes from your follower but doesn’t delete.

To temporarily disable/deactivate  your account follow the steps below:

  1. Log into instagram.com from a mobile browser or computer.
  2. Then click on username at the top right, then select Edit Profile.

disable instagram account

3.You can then click Temporarily disable my account in the bottom right and follow the on-screen instructions.

disable instagram account


NOTE: It is essential to use a mobile browser because you cannot temporarily disable your Instagram account from your Instagram app. If you don’t want to disable your account but want to change who can see it, you can set your posts to private or block people. For more info on how to delete instagram account go to deactivate-account.com.