Download Video from Instagram Post

If you have the habit of downloading videos from YouTube and other social media but not Instagram, the good news is, now you can download videos from Instagram as well.
Here’s how.

  1. Copy the Instagram video URL
  2. Paste the copied video URL to the link :

You will be able to download the video from the above link.

How do you copy an Instagram Video URL?

Since Instagram users use both the app and a browser in accessing it, then the copying of a video URL can be accomplished in either cases as elaborated below.

1 . How to copy Instagram Video URL from Web Browser

  • Once you have logged into your Instagram account in your web browser, go to the Video post you want to download. Then click on the right upper part of the post which shows timedownload Video from Instagram
  • Then COPY the URL  from your browser and paste it in the link given previously and you are good to Video from Instagram


2 . How to copy Instagram Video URL from Instagram App

  • First of all open your Instagram app
  • Then go to the post with the video that you want to copy
  • Tap on the three vertically arranged dots that are at the right upper part of the postdownload Video from Instagram
  • Once you tap on the dots, a drop down menu with various options will appear. Then tap on copy share URL from the given options
    download Video from Instagram
  • You will see the message below. And lastly, you paste the copied URL to the link provided in order to download your Video from Instagram